Edinburgh Fringe 2014 – Lexicon Lady: A Woman of Lovely Letters

Absolutely adore alliteration, think rhyme is sublime and like being foonsped spoolfuns of spoonerisms? There was victory in valiant verse with the Lexicon Lady… at the Edinburgh Festival 2014.


LexiconLadycopyrightNBrooks2014Lexicon Lady was another solo show I did at the Edinburgh Festival.

The lovely folks at ThreeWeeks and Broadway Baby interviewed me about the show. Here are the features:

ThreeWeeks – July 25 2014

Broadway Baby – July 20 2014



Edinburgh Fringe 2013 – Tyke Ryder

In 2012 I took off on a magical road trip armed with tea supplies and a car I believed, like Michael Knight did with KITT, had a personality all of its own. We covered some 6000 miles as I was guided only by my heart, my gut and wise words from E.T.’s Dee Wallace (and a road atlas).

What happened was revealed at the Edinburgh Festival in August 2013 in Tyke Rider.

What they said:

“Sweet solo travelogue… really sunny.” Three Weeks – Aug 3, 2013

“Gently humorous… Brooks also does a mean Alan Bennett impression.” The Flaneur – Aug 3, 2013

“Open and unaffected speaker… well written… warms the heart.” Broadway Baby – Aug 2, 2013

Tyke Rider was part of the Laughing Horse Comedy’s Free Festival at the Edinburgh Fringe and best of all it was FREE! For more information click here.


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